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At Rainbow Brands we see “OUTDOOR” as a mindset.

Modern life is becoming increasingly hectic and defined by numerous constraints. Outdoor helps to alleviate this – silence instead of noise or indeed live outdoor music instead of loud polluting noise, earth instead of tarmac, air instead of dust particles. Being outside satisfies people’s longing for authenticity in an ever more artificial world. The urge to break out and escape arises when everyday life becomes overly tight, routine and stressful and people feel it is others, not themselves, who are in control.

We don’t believe that the outdoor experience is just a matter of being outside, it comes about in a process where different stages build on each other and are all a necessary part of the overall experience.

The stages include the challenge; endurance and reward and finally the returning stronger.

The Challenge

Psychologically, being inside is equated with the home, the everyday, the same-old, which is felt to be too narrow and constricting. The need to escape the sheltered life of home and open minds by metaphorically opening the windows and letting in a good strong gust of fresh air. Outdoor doesn’t just mean getting out into nature, it means above all looking for new challenges by putting yourself to the test. In all of this there is always a degree of uncertainty, something unpredictable and unsure.

Endurance and Reward

In the flow of the outdoor experience, there are also moments of tiredness and pain and recurring risks of varying degrees that need to be overcome. At the end of it all is the reward – you have scaled the summit, made it to your bed for the night. An amazing view, a campfire or a hearty meal are the reward for the ordeal you made it through.

Returning Stronger

Every leg of the journey is a minor heroic feat, but only if you make it all the way to the end do you return immunized and strengthened. This is a kind of metamorphosis. People returning from an outdoor experience are confident, have entertaining stories, memories and selfies to take home they can share with friends and colleagues. The mindfulness and deceleration of being out in nature stay with you once you’re back in your everyday life.

A challenge turns a simple activity outside into an outdoor experience, reactivating the outdoor feeling in our everyday lives.

• Impromptu walks no matter what the weather, to really feel the seasons.

• Varied routes on your daily bike ride to work.

• Preparing your first barbeque.

• Small challenges in the spinning class at the gym leading to greater cycling competition like the London to Brighton bike race.

• Expeditions in an urban setting.

People’s outdoor needs are multifaceted – depending on the underlying conditions and their mood, people will jump between differing activities from more urban based perhaps in the gym or less active pursuits to more outdoor nature and/or adrenalin fuelled types activities like kayaking or mountain climbing or trail running.

At Rainbow Brands our brands are chosen for their authenticity and drive to affect a positive change. We want our brands to help inspire others to set themselves new challenges and adopt the outdoor mindset so that they can have more outdoor experiences in their everyday lives.

Appreciate the importance of the ENVIORNMENT around us and adopt the OUTDOOR mindset.

Stay safe keep buzzing!

Selchouk Sami



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