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In 1995 Founder Michael Odqvist, came across an age-old secret – Maya Sticks.  He was fascinated by the sheer brilliance of this resinous kindling.  Not only was it a quick, easy and reliable way to get a fire going, the sticks were also completely natural, produced from waste – the stumps left from felled pine trees – by locals in Guatemala.  By starting fair trade production on a large scale, Michael helped 400 of these descendants of Maya Indians make more money so that they were able to start sending their children to school.

This eventually led to their first successful product the Swedish FireSteel the magnesium fire-starter that was developed for the Swedish Army and an unbeatable combination with the TinderSticks.

Light My Fire soon realized there was a lot more potential in the outdoor field.  Most equipment was plain and drab brown, black and green.  With the help of the legendary brand specialist Claes Andreasson (Absolut Vodka) and the successful copyrighter Steve Strid, Light My Fire turned into a brand concept.  At the same time, Calill Odqvist, Michael’s daughter, who had worked for the company since the early days, became the CEO.  From then on, the business focused on premium outdoor products that were functional, designed with a smile and a variety of colour, that make them just as attractive to use in the city as in the wild.

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All Products Are Made in Sweden


Winters are long and Summers are quite often chilly in Sweden.  And yet, Swedes love spending time outdoors, in the woods, on the beach, in the mountains.  The country is breathtakingly beautiful and varied which makes them very aware of nature and the environment from an early age.


Environment and Material


From 2019 all plastics in Light My Fire products will be made from biobased bioplastic.  Biobased means that the material of the product is fully or in part is made up by biomass - different kinds of plants.  Biomass in plastics mainly comes from corn, sugarcane or cellulose.  Biobased content is Carbon Neutral. 


Some of the products such as the ReStraws, MealKit snap boxes and cutting board, in addition to sugarcane includes 7% wood fibers which gives the product a burnt/smoky smell adding to the outdoor earthy authenticity making them really quite special. 


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