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With scents inspired by worldly travels, M&J London candles offer luxurious indulgence with the knowledge that each aspect of the candle, from the wick to the recycled glass tumbler has been produced, designed and sourced sustainably and ethically.


M&J was founded on a desire to create products of style and beauty, while building a business that holds true to ideals of integrity and fairness to other people and to the environment as a whole. Each of the products is designed and developed with the aim to tread as lightly on the planet as possible and do business in an ethical manner.

Ethics play a central part in the business. M & J London wanted to feel good about what they do, whilst ensuring that its customers get excellent products, service and value for money. Using recycled glass tumblers costs four times as much as standard virgin manufactured glasses. Packaging with vegetable-dyed boxes sourced from the UK rather than mass-produced, chemically printed boxes shipped from across the world also costs more. But with the challenges we as consumers (and as residents of this planet) face today, operating without consideration for sustainability is a luxury we can no longer afford.

Jennifer McNabb is the founding partner of M&J Ethical Luxury. Born and raised in the New England region of the USA to Northern Irish parents, Jennifer graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and then moved to London to pursue a career in the fashion industry. During the 15 years she spent working as a designer in High Street fashion, Jennifer witnessed the growing influence of 'fast-fashion'. At each step along the supply chain, from retailers down to textile manufacturers, there was increasing pressure to deliver products ever more quickly and ever more cheaply. As fashion became ever more competitive and globalized, fast fashion flourished while labour and environmental standards deteriorated. Product quality suffered while inequality flourished.

Taking the old saying 'Be the change you want to see in the world' to heart, Jennifer launched M&J Ethical Luxury in 2012 in order to build a business where ethical practices and sustainability and quality are the fundamental building blocks of the bottom line.



M&J London's flagship line is a unique collection of scented candles, with scents inspired by travels around the world and the bustling life in cosmopolitan London, two of Jennifer's great loves. Studies have shown that of all our senses, scent is the most powerful memory trigger. We want to create the scents that conjure favourite memories of wonderful places and shared moments — and we hope they will do the same for you!

Rainbow Brands will bring you El Capitan and Larkin Candles.  El Capitan has been listed on A Man’s Guide To Alternative Valentine’s Day Gifts and recently the Independent listed Larkin high up on the 12 Best Scented Candles to Help You Relax in Lockdown.



When you buy an M&J Candle, you can treat yourself to a bit of luxury whilst knowing that every aspect of this candle – from the packaging to the glass that remains once your candle has burned down has been produced, designed and sourced with ethics and sustainability firmly and foremost in mind. And you can be confident that your purchase is helping to support low-impact, locally-based businesses wherever possible.



All the outer packaging is responsibly produced and certified by World Land Trust. The boxes are printed with vegetable-based ink and covered with water-based coatings.

Everything is manufactured in the UK thus reducing our carbon footprint and keeping people in the UK employed.


About the World Land Trust


Each of the boxes has its carbon footprint measured and calculated and land will be purchased and preserved accordingly in endangered areas of natural forests. A key patron of the World Land Trust is Sir David Attenborough.

To keep up the good work please re-recycle the packaging when you discard the box.


M&J's scents are developed from bespoke blends of fragrances, which are created by a perfumer. The scents are a combination of essential oils and aroma compounds. M & J London have consciously chosen to work with an infusion of both because their research has shown that this is far more ethical and fair than the way in which many essential oils are sourced. They provide a clean-burning candle by using a lead-free wick made of linen and cotton. This means that when burning your M&J Candle, the only thing you will be breathing in is a lovely fragrance.

Soya Wax

The wax is made from 100% rainforest safe soya. Soya wax is a renewable green resource that can be replaced at a rate comparable or faster to the rate of consumption. Better still, soya wax does not stain. This means that M&J Candles are better for your home environment as well.


The Glass

The glass around each candle is made from 100% recycled glass and can be "up-cycled" and reused again as a drinking tumbler. Each candle is hand poured in the UK, each of the glass tumblers are handcrafted entirely of recycled glass – so no two are exactly alike. Just wash it out with warm soapy water after you have finished enjoying your M&J Candle

M&J_EL CAPITAN-lifestyle.jpg

Supporting a Local Charity

Giving something back to the community is also very important for M & J Candles. They donate £1 from each of the large candles and 50p from each of our small candle sold, to London based women's charity nia which is delivering cutting edge services to end violence against women and children.

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