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Slope Angel Ambassador Squash Falconer Talks About Slope Angel

Slope Angel V1.0 helps protect you against the risk of avalanche.  Mountaineers, recreational skiers, freeriders, snowboarders, hikers, mountain guides, hikers and even rescue teams can use this great gadget with ease and quickly to assess terrain safety.

• Two of the vital factors in identifying avalanche terrain risk are slope angle and air temperature.

• Slope Angel is an electronic inclinometer and thermometer, designed to accurately measure mountain slope gradients between 0° to 90° and air temperature °C and °F.

The angle of the slope is the most critical factor to consider when crossing snow covered slopes, because 76% of all avalanches occur on slopes when the slope angle is 34°- 45°, and if air temperatures rapidly rise more than 8°C in 12 hours, the risk of avalanche rises substantially, and this is most critical when temperatures are more than 2°C.


Slope Angel V1.0 is designed and developed in Tignes France by a team that really do know what is needed to stay safe on the mountains.


Slope Angel easily and quickly measures both slope angle and temperature accurately.

  • At the start of your journey note the air temperature and then check it again during your trip for any changes.


  • To measure the slope angle, simply place it on an ice axe, walking/ski pole or a ski that is laid facing down the slope and the slope angle is clearly displayed.

Over 90% percent of avalanches occur during or within 24 hours of heavy rain or snowfall.

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