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About Kabloom

Good designs come from good ideas with stories to tell, oh and less landfill please!

Kabloom make fun and innovative products that also happen to be super environmentally-friendly. Designed for interaction, inspired by their relationship with nature in the urban environment.

Kabloom make fun and innovative products that also happen to be super environmentally-friendly. Designed for interaction, inspired by their relationship with nature in the urban environment.

The idea for Seedboms came from Kabloom founder Darren Wilson.

Darren’s journey began back in the early 2000s when he graduated with a degree in 3D design & craft. During his studies, he became increasingly more aware of the impending environmental crisis we were facing. This wasn’t as prevalent in the media and in the general public awareness at the time but once the research began there was no going back!

Darren simply couldn’t bring himself to design and make anything without purpose and environmentally conscious values so he chose to focus his attention on eco-design during his final year. Finding that this specific ‘emerging’ area of design thinking had relatively few ‘fun and engaging’ products represented on the market Darren took it upon himself to design something new. 

The brief, design products with ecology at the core but emphasis innovation, fun and desirability. It was Darren’s firm belief (and still is) that…

“Good design, good ideas and narratives should come first. The eco-friendly aspect should exist as standard”

Darren decided to look into the root of this apparent modern problem, the problem of modern (urbanized) cultures apparent disassociation with nature.

The plan? To design a product that reconnected people with nature, even in a small way. To get people outside and create nature and colour in their cities for the benefit of everyone.

It was also extremely important to design products that weren’t going to end up in a landfill someday. How do you achieve this? Either design something so desirable it would be passed on through generations (very difficult to do and impossible to predict) or design something that wouldn’t leave anything behind i.e. recyclable, compostable and biodegradable parts. The product also had to be fun, affordable and a little divisive, hence the grenade shape.

However, the grenade is just the start of the story, as the shape begins to disappear into the soil the story continues with a second life, a rebirth through wildflowers.

And so (to cut a long story short) the idea of the Seedbom was born!











Seedboms are the friendly bombs that grow. Guerrilla Gardening grenades filled with flower power potential. Join forces with nature to transform unloved spaces with a blast of life and colour!

Filled with an explosive mix of organic peat-free compost and wildflower or herb seeds.  Weapons of choice for Guerrilla Gardeners.


Easy to use. You don’t need to be a gardener and there‘s no need to plant them. Seedboms split open upon impact with the ground and grow where they land.

Help sustain bee, butterfly and other important insect populations by growing nectar rich wildflowers.

A potent symbol of war transformed into a symbol of peace! 


Made with a starch and natural fibre based PaperFoam shell, organic peat-free compost, non-GMO seeds & 100% recycled and recyclable glue free cardboard packaging.

Seedboms biodegrade into the environment leaving only plants behind.

Created in Scotland, UK.


When watering ensure the Seedbom is gently soaked all the way through, you can tell it’s really soaked when the biobased shell starts to really soften (think of cooked pasta). If your Seedbom is not soaked through there is a good chance it won’t break open effectively.


















Seedboms like to be kept damp, try not to let them dry out and don’t over-water and drown the seedlings. A good rule of thumb is damp to the touch but not soaking wet.


Seedboms like to be warm, not too hot, the warmth from the sun is ideal. Too hot and the Seedbom will dry out and there is a danger of the seedlings dying. Too cold and the seeds may not germinate at all.

When choosing the perfect growing site, look for bare open ground with little or no weeds, weeds will compete with the seedlings and stop them from establishing into strong and healthy plants.


Seedboms can also be grown in planters, pots or window boxes. Simply soak as normal and place on top of well drained soil, then split open by hand to allow seedlings to grow out.

All instructions can be found on the inside of the Seedbom packaging sleeve.

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