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We hope that you are keeping well during these extraordinary times. More than ever we must stay strong and work together to get through this period of time in lockdown, and then perhaps more importantly as restrictions are eased and businesses begin to open and we take steps to slowly resume as before.

We started Rainbow Brands to help alleviate stress around us by finding authentic brands with a positive message that promote living a healthy lifestyle with a focus on the great outdoors and the environment.

We chose the word “Rainbow” because in many cultures it is a sign of hope and positivity. Rainbows speak directly to our heart and soul, filling us with awe and energy. Quite the perfect sign to show support for our NHS in such testing times, and our thoughts and gratitude are with the NHS workers and other keyworkers in the UK and around the world who are selflessly looking after those fighting COVID-19.

We think more than ever an “OUTDOOR” mindset one with survival, community and positivity should be embraced to help us overcome the challenges of the day and work for a better tomorrow. With this in mind we look forward to working with new brands that share our ethos and will complement the existing brands that make up Rainbow Brands.

Stay Safe Keep Buzzing

Selchouk Sami



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