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Bees Make The World Go Round!

These small creatures are truly brilliant and inspirational quite the adventurer what a way to live! Here are some interesting facts we'd like to share with you:

  • Not all bees are black and yellow for example bumblebees can have orange, blue, red, green on their bodies, or even be completely black. Adventurers can be extremely colourful individuals!

  • A lot of work goes in to making honey. Honeybees have to visit over 2 million flowers to make a pound of honey! A bee will visit between 50-100 flowers during one trip. Adventurers are often on the go or planning their next big adventure.

  • The honey bee is the only insect that produces food eaten by man. The natural fruit sugars in honey – fructose and glucose – are quickly digested by the body. This is why sportsmen and athletes use honey to give them a natural energy boost. Honey has other beneficial properties which are used by different industries.

  • Bees fly at an average speed of 20 mph.

  • The bee’s brain is oval in shape and about the size of a sesame seed, yet it has a remarkable capacity to learn and remember things. For example, it's able to make complex calculations on distance travelled and foraging efficiency.

  • The bee's buzz is the sound made by their wings which beat 11,400 times per minute. Bees buzz as they don’t sleep. Adventurers are often active individuals who love to keep buzzing by setting themselves new challenges and often raising money for great causes.

  • One of the most interesting and wonderful things about honeybees is just how sociable they are. Bee colonies (at their largest) can grow to 40,000 members in the busy season. Imagine living with 40,000 other people in a small living space. You’d quickly have to learn how to get along! Honeybees have a variety of ways in which they make friends with each other. For example, they split up the work they do to keep their nest running smoothly. Some look for nectar, some take care of the hive and others make sure the brood (the honey bee eggs) are safe. Everyone has a clear job, which is what makes the hive so very efficient. Honey bees communicate with one another by dancing.

  • Every time a bee lands on a flower, a little bit of pollen sticks to their feet. Some pollen also falls off as they fly about. When this pollen falls onto other plants, pollination occurs, which means the plants reproduce. Bees pollinate two thirds of the world’s crops and flowers. They make two thirds of all our plants grow, giving us food to eat and lovely flowers to enjoy. We have a lot to thank bees for, which is why we must protect our precious bees.

The busy lifestyle and the “busy bee” are at the heart of why Rainbow Brands was launched. Learn more about wildbumble® and Rainbow Brands at the Keswick Festival where we will be exhibiting. Come and say hello in the delightful setting of the Lake District which is known as the UK’s outdoor adventure capital.

We’re buzzing to be a part of such a great festival which “lives for the outdoors and the Lake District.” It’s certainly the perfect location for a mountain festival and an ideal starting point for adventure.

If you can't make this date do drop in to our social channels as we will be sharing some of the best moments for you.

Stay Safe Keep Buzzing!

Selchouk Sami


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