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Rainbow Brands Exhibits at Keswick Mountain Festival on 8 to 10 June 2018

Rainbow Brands is delighted to announce that it will be exhibiting at this years Keswick Mountain Festival on 8 to 10 June 2018.

The Keswick Mountain Festival is your ultimate outdoors weekend. Challenge yourself with a world class sporting event, get inspiration from top speakers Chrissie Wellington and Mark Beaumont, then finish it all off with two evenings of live music from Melanie C, Peter Hook & the Light and of course festival favourites the Peatbog Faeries.

At Keswick Mountain Festival we will be retailing our new wildbumble® inflatable which is different to the lounger we currently sell. It will be a vastly improved design, lighter, better quality and far easier to inflate and perfect for camping, outdoor fun like festivals, hiking, using on the beach as well as great for indoors. The shape is round and bold like that of the buzzing bumble bee.

We will also be retailing the new wildbumble® emergency travel ID bracelets which are perfect to wear on your daily travels. They hold valuable information in case of emergency and permits you to note other useful information you pick up on your travels. The product is designed by award winning company Vagaband and produced in London here in the UK. The material is waterproof, fire-resistant and tear proof. They are a sustainable product being 100% recyclable and as they are made from natural combination of fibre and clay not a single tree has been cut down to make them.

We will also be selling exciting brands Slope Angel and Water-to-Go bottles. Slope Angel is a new gadget designed in Tignes France to keep you safe on the mountains against the risk of avalanche. Water to Go BPA free bottles offer a great sustainable alternative to single use plastic water bottles with filter technology that was originally developed for NASA. The bottle is perfect for outdoor pursuits and travel as all microbiological contaminants are filtered to well in excess of 99.9%.

If you are at the festival do come and say hello. To learn more about Rainbow Brands and its mission send us a message, connect on our social channels or alternatively email Selchouk Sami Founder at

Stay Safe Keep Buzzing

Selchouk Sami


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