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Adventure Time

This week the Founders of Rainbow Brands are spending a week in North Cyprus. It’s adventure time for them with little Doran’s first plane journey. Granny and grandad are also on the trip which makes it even more special.

They have been looking forward to this trip counting down the days and carefully preparing.

The morning flight on Saturday went as expected until they got off at Istanbul on transit to Ercan North Cyprus. Due to the painfully slow journey across passport control and without announcements they missed the plane to Ercan. They spent Saturday evening and a few early hours of Sunday in the Airport.

What initially was a sour experience soon turned into quite an enjoyable family bonding session. They quickly decided that they should stay at the airport accept their predicament and make the most of it rather than have a few hours sleep in a hotel.

On the plane Selchouk started reading Mind of A Survivor: What The Wild Has Taught Me About Survival and Success by Megan Hine which he found very hard to put down. It was quite perfect for the unexpected situation they found themselves in!!!

wildbumble® will feature the North Cyprus adventure in the coming weeks so do stay tuned for this. Next week wildbumble® will feature a Hawaiian adventure.

Stay Safe Keep Buzzing!

Selchouk Sami


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