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How To Enjoy Your Inflatable Lounger - The Great Outdoors

Your wildbumble inflatable lounger is a great outdoor accessory. It's light and can be easily folded in to its own carry bag when deflated.

This great travel accessory is there ready for you and can be inflated within a matter of seconds when you want to take a break, to take in a view, if you want to read or just stop for refuelling.

During this time of year and the colder months I love to go for a long walk to experience the fresh air against my face and to be able to find a spot that makes me relax and unwind. Now for me, my flask of hot strong coffee really complements the pleasure I get from this experience. After an hour or so walking in the morning I look forward to finding either a new spot or the same favourite spot so that I can break for coffee. I look forward to inflating my air lounger and securing it to the ground with the 2 stakes that come with it. All the more important if you want to leave your inflated air lounger to look around safe in the knowledge that it won’t fly away in windy conditions.

When I’m ready I sit on my lounger savour every sip of coffee, enjoy my surroundings, listen to the different sounds and importantly appreciate how lucky I am to be alive!

This is one of many different ways to enjoy your wildbumble inflatable lounger. How do you enjoy yours?

Keep buzzing!

Selchouk Sami


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