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Buzzing Products, Healthy Lifestyles

At Rainbow Brands we want to bring you buzzing products and healthy lifestyles to help alleviate the stress around us.

We are a family business a husband and wife team not forgetting our little Doran who is 10 and half months old who is our driving force and bundle of joy. We have experienced times of stress at work and at home but want to be able to connect with like minded individuals by promoting a variety of healthy lifestyles via the products we sell.

Life has so much to offer and there is so much to live for! Oftentimes because we are focused on the wrong things our perspective of life is overshadowed by negative thoughts.

We are very much at the start of our journey but want to reach out to as many people as we possibly can to help shine a rainbow in to their lives.

Wouldn’t it be great to form as large a community as possible that buzzes with happiness and inspiration!

I say keep buzzing!

Selchouk Sami

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