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Larkin contains Neroli, Geranium, Ylang-Yiang & Basil


This candle was recently listed high in the Independent on the 12 Best Scented Candles to Help You Relax in Lockdown.


With scents inspired by worldly travels, M&J London candles offer luxurious indulgence with the knowledge that each aspect of the candle, from the wick to the recycled glass tumbler has been produced, designed and sourced sustainably and ethically.


Larkin embodies love, hope and yearning. Something intensely beautiful, and in equal parts both fragile and passionate. The skylark revels in its ability to transcend the earthly plain as it soars somewhere between heaven and earth. Far below, the same breeze that lifts it towards the heavens, stirs the larkspur into life, with a burst of colour and joy. When you light this candle you will be uplifted by the scent of ylang-ylang as the tranquil properties of basil, geranium and neroli transport you to a place of peace, stillness and relaxation. 


Candles are available in two sizes:


– Large candle: burn time of around 60 hours.
– Small candle: burn time of around 30 hours.


Large Boxed candle - Height :10.5 cm x Diameter 8.5 cm

Small Boxed candle - Height :7.5 cm x Diameter 7 cm