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You will want to be seen with this Atlantic Blue Sport Cap that you will spend your time solely on the football pitch, the squash court, in the gym, and at your cross-training class. Here, not only do you impress with the sleek, colourful design of your sports bottle, but also with the effortlessness with which you drink from it.  Thanks to the flexible drinking nozzle, the Dopper bottle is so easy to use. that you can drink with one hand while you lift your personal trainer with the other, hit a hole-in-one, or knock out that stout boxer.


- Suitable for Dopper Original, Dopper Steel and Dopper Solid Steel
- Dishwasher safe up to 65 °C / 149°F.
- Made in the Netherlands.


- PP - Polypropylene
- TPV - Thermoplastic Vulcanisate


All materials are BPA/plasticizer and toxin-free (Bisphenol A is a plasticizer that can let go and get into the food chain

Dopper Sport Cap

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