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Dopper Original Paradise Collection


Our seas, whether they leave you hot or cold, are absolutely necessary for all life on earth. Yet, every year, around 8 million tons of plastic waste disappear into our oceans. Yes, 8 billion kilos. By refilling your Dopper with tap water, you drink the oceans clean, sip by sip.  If we all take small steps we will end up with large results!


Dopper dontates 5% of its net turnover to the Dopper Foundation to reduce plastic pollution and provide clean drinking water where people need it most.



  • Volume: 450 ml /15 oz
  • Consists of three parts, so easy to clean.
  • BPA (plasticizers) free
  • Manufactured in the Netherlands.
  • Dishwasher proof up to 65 °C/149 °F
  • Suitable for cold, non-corrosive drinks
  • Easy to use portable cap as a cup
  • Cradle to Cradle certification



  • ABS - Acrylonitil Butadieen Styreen (white part)
  • PP - Polypropylene (colored part)
  • TPE – Thermoplastic elastomers (sealing rings in cup and cap)


We also have instore  Dopper Steel, Dopper Insulated and Dopper Accessories the Carrier and Sports Cap.

Dopper Original Paradise Collection

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