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wildbumble® Vagaband® Travel Band

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new wildbumble® Vagaband® travel band. Enjoy the great outdoors!

PREMIUM TRAVEL BAND - is designed by Vagaband® for wilbumble® and produced in London. A combination of lithographic and digital printing keeps the band bold, clear and comfortable to wear. The material is waterproof, fire-resistant and tear proof.

SUSTAINABLE - is a sustainable product being 100% recyclable and as they are made from natural combination of fibre and clay not a single tree has been cut down to make them.

BOLD COMFORTABLE AND FUN - the patented concertina folding method of the travel bands are much more than meets the eye. They are ultralight and perfect to wear on your adventures. Just like your favourite pair of jeans they will take the shape of your wrist and wear well over time but will hold the valuable information safe inside whilst still looking good. Complete the information inside with the pencil provided then mould it around your wrist before snapping the buttons shut.

EMERGENCY ID - keep your most vital details close to hand. Anything from allergies and medical conditions to the phone numbers and addresses that would be needed in an emergency.

CAPTURE GREAT MEMORIES – our band provides a practical and different way of capturing those moments you don’t want to forget like the place that serves you that great cup of coffee; a festival essential; skiing or boarding on the slopes; whilst on your adventure out at sea or on the lake rowing or canoeing; the special place you'd like to return to; the name of that great tune you hear and don’t want to forget to spark happy memories and feelings and that you want to play immediately you get back; it’s an authentic personal way of collecting great memories.

You can buy bands for each of your adventures - something to look back on which can jog your memory and be a talking point.

Stay Safe Keep Buzzing!

Selchouk Sami


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