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wildbumble® Is On A Mission!

wildbumble® is on a mission. She wants to gather a team of some of the most inspiring and unique adventurers on the planet. Follow her on her quest and be sure there will be great adventure!

We want to illustrate why adventurers are such incredible individuals, inspirational and can be seen as true heroes. The stories will entertain, inspire and the positives should help you to lead less stressful and more healthy lifestyles.

It’s certainly not our intention to encourage everyone to leave their jobs and go on a trek around the world. More that, even a trip to work or to the park can be made more enjoyable and stress free if you adopt the mindset of an adventurer.

Do you enjoy travelling to work?

How can your journey be made less stressful?

How might the famous Indiana Jones prepare for a walk in the park or a trip abroad?

Who is your favourite adventurer of all time and why?

When did you last plan for an adventure?

Would you like to join wildbumble's team of adventurers?

wildbumble® would love to hear from you check in and say hi.

Stay Safe Keep Buzzing!

Selchouk Sami


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